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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Vicki is an outstanding, passionate professional who can be counted on to provide superior results. Her sharp wit and big-picture approach have allowed her to excel....You will be hard-pressed to find someone who works harder than Vicki, proven through her obvious determination and willingness to accept any challenge. An honest, reliable innovator, Vicki is a mentor to many and most certainly a leader I continually strive to learn from."

Ben Rathbun - Partner at The Rathbun Agency

"Vicki combines a big picture outlook with a details-oriented approach. She is a strategic thinker, a relationship builder and is compassionate about everything she does. These traits along with others contribute to Vicki's professional and personal success."

Wendi Ooten - Strategic Integrated Marketing Professional at Sparrow Health System

"Vicki is the sort of person who is a real pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is exemplary and her perseverance to overcome difficulties is unsurpassed. She helped me to resolve a problem that appeared impossible to sort; without her, it would still be ongoing now. Vicki is someone you want on your side believe me."

Jez Crook - Director at JNC Education, UK

"Vicki is a caring, passionate person who is driven to make sure those in need have opportunities available to them. She is extremely welcoming, bright and focused on achieving important goals for the organization."

Tim Hoffman - Attorney/Regulatory - Consumers Energy

"Vicki is a true professional who will always go the extra mile to achieve results, a team player with excellent communication skills."

Beryl Williams - Area Sales Manager - Redrow Homes & Westbury Homes UK - Retired

"Vicki is skilled at developing strong, healthy organizational relationships. Our experience with her and her team has been a great one."

Michael Hosto - Executive Director - Fire Chief Partners & 1-800-BOARDUP, Inc.

"Vicki's outgoing and energetic personality contributed positively to every experience I had with her. As a newer addition to the team, I noticed Vicki's knack for member inclusion and collaboration immediately. Vicki would be an asset to any organization that allows her to develop relationships and work with people, and I was privileged to have worked with her for the short time that I did."

Jeanette Saint-Onge - LLMSW

"Vicki is a consummate professional with enthusiasm and creativity. She is very inspiring to work with and has a passion for what she does."

John Foren - Media and Public Relations - Sparrow Health System

"Vicki is an outstanding person and rates extremely high in organizing and planning, following up until job or assignment has been successfully completed and working with others.  She was well respected by all she came in contact with. She was a great team player and was always willing to go beyond what the job called for in order to assist others..."

Walt Eifert - Disaster Action Team - American Red Cross

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